Friday, October 26, 2012

The Supreme One

Aditya marched
Several hundred of them two
Followed their king or was it the beat
Of the golden drums that played
One stroke for every step
The music was the pace.

We all too stride
The flowers, bees and birds
Rest of us and animals too
We beat to His steps
His sounds, show the way
Only His Will shall end this race.

Do not try to look but,
On land and mountain tops
For His presence or divinity
The Sun, the rhythm, the air, the womb
Why don't we just see around?
All of us are his trace.


1st stanza - VikramAditya was one of the most illustrious Kings ever to have ruled India. As per the legend, his army used to march to the beats of the drums; one step for every beat.
2nd stanza - Lord Shiva is the most powerful and revered God in the Hindu pantheon. In mythology, Lord Shiva has said to have played his 'damaru' (tabor - percussion instrument) to create all the sounds that make up our speech (popularly known as the 14 Maheswara Sutras). Our heart 'beats' as per His Will and we all march on, in this cycle of creation and destruction.

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